• GIBB-40  acts synergistically with plant metabolism and accelerates the growth functions of the plant.
  • It is a highly effective growth promoter – increasing size and quality of fruits, vegetables, and other crops, essential for optimum growth and development.
Crop Pest or Disease



  • Overcoming Dormancy: Treatment of seeds/tubers before sowing with Gibberellic acid is effective in overcoming dormancy and causing rapid germination of seed.
  • Premature Flowering: Flowering may be induced by applying Gibberellic acid directly to young plants. This action is not sustained, and treatment may need repetition.
  • Increase in Fruit Set: When there is difficulty with fruit set, Gibberellic acid may be effective. The resulting fruit may be partially or entirely seedless.
  • Increased Growth: Gibberellic acid applied near the terminal bud of trees may increase the growth rate by stimulating more or less constant growth during the season.
  • Frost Protection: Spraying fruit trees at full blossom or when the blossoms begin to wither can offset the detrimental effects of frost.

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Technical Name



1 KG, 12.5 GM, 2.5 GM, 50 GM