• MOLDOR 200 SL is a systemic insecticides of Neonicotinide group which control the sucking insects and termites very effectively.
  • It is an antagonist by binding to postsynaptic nicotinic receptors in the insect central nervous system.


  • Systemic insecticide with translaminar activity and with contact and stomach action.
  • Readily taken up by the plant and further distributed acropetally, with good root-systemic action.
Crop Pest or Disease
Chilli Aphid, Jassid, Thrips,
Cotton Aphid, Jassid, Thrips,
Mango Thrips,
Paddy Brown Plant Hopper, WBPH, Green leaf Hopper,
Sugarcane Termite,



  • Unique modern and sure shot insecticide based on Imidacloprid a chlornicotinyl insecticide(CNI).
  • It is a multiple usage insecticide used to control insect pests of cotton, paddy, sugarcane and vegetables.
  • It is used as foliar spray for the control of sucking and other insects in different crops.
  • Imidacloprid has a broad spectrum of activity, particularly against sucking insects, various species of beetles, some species of flies and leaf miners.
  • There fields of use are termite and locust control.
  • Its outstanding biological efficacy, especially its excellent root-systemic properties, its broad spectrum of activity, good long lasting effect – combined with low application rates and good plant compatibility, has made the product the first choice of th farmer.
  • It can be applied to plants as a spray or stem paint or as a basal stem spray/drench.
  • It can also be injected into plants or applied as a soil treatment use.
  • The part of active ingredient taken up by the plant is further distributed in an acropetally direction.

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1 LTR, 100 ML, 250 ML, 5 LTR, 500 ML