THE DONE is Emamectin Benzoate 1.9 % Emulsion Concentrate (EC) formulation.
Emamectin Benzoate is belong to ivermectin family.
Emamectin Benzoate is broad spectrum, high efficacy and low toxicity type of insecticide cum acaricide.


  • THE DONE has both systemic and contact action.

Once insect come in contact with chemical, it intensify the effect of neurotransmitter such as GABA, make the latter lose function and disturb neurotransmission and result in quick stop to each and die.

Crop Pest or Disease
Cotton Aphid, American Bollworm, Amaranthus spp, Amaranthus viridis, Bollworms Complex, Bollworm, Brachiaria mutica, Cut worm, Digitaria sanguinalis, Dinebra arabica, Commelina Communis, Digera Arvensis, Cyperus iria, Echinochloa colonum, Eragrastis minor, Echinnochloa spp, Euphorbia spp, Eleusine indica, Jassid, Pink Bollworm, Grey weevil, Lantana Camara, Portulaca Oleracea, Parthenium Hysterophorus, White Fly, Thrips, Root rot, Trianthema Portulacastrum, Trianthema spp,



  • THE DONE is a water soluble liquid formulation of Emamectin benzoate 1.9% EC.
    It contains 1.9% active ingredient.
  • THE DONE is an insecticide with low toxicity, no poiiution, no residue, widepest control spectrum.
  • THE DONE highly effective, low poisonous and environment safety, insecticide it can be degraded in the earth quickly and not accumulated.
  • It’s safe for environment.
  • THE DONE is recommended for the control of bollworms in cotton. & also suitable for vegetable of the mustard family.
  • THE DONE has the highest activity to Lepidoptera, Diptera, Homoptera, Thysanoptera, Coleoptera and mite insect.
  • It is an insecticide with stomach action and should be ingested by the larvae to be most effective.
  • Affected larvae become paralyzed and stop feeding shortly after exposure to THE DONE and subsequently die after 2-4 days.

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1 LTR, 100 ML, 20 ML, 250 ML, 500 ML