• Vertis is a unique imported product, which is made by Nano technology.
  • Vertis is far better and easier to use than any growth enhancer – original growth product.



  • Which activates the bacteria in the soil and converts the inorganic elements in the soil into available form and provides abundant food to the plants by growing the roots and fibrous roots of the crop in abundance.
  • So that the plant remains healthy from infancy and provides disease resistance as well as the ability to with stand stress-like conditions (irregular rainfall / high temperature).
  • Vertis can be used at any stage of the crop.
  • As such, it can be mixed with fertilizer before planting crops.
  • Can be applied in soil or with water at the time of crop transplanting.
  • Also, at the time of transplanting, a slurry of Vertis can be made and the roots of the plant can be dipped for 10 minutes and then transplanted.
  • Can be used as a drip or with supplemental fertilizer.
  • In crops such as cotton and onion, during root disease, direct root drenching can be mixed with fungicide, allowing for faster plant recovery with more roots and ready feeding.

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